Sunday, 17 February 2019

New Semester, New Me, Three Resolutions


Hello. It nice to be back blogging. If you are UITMinians (lol) you will know that we have received our own result. Congratulations to those who get the result with flying colours and to those who were studying the hardest but still not achieved their goals result. It's okay. You have worked hard and deserved the compliments. Let's do our best for the upcoming semester. Fighting! I know it is hard to accept it (results) but let's just keep moving forward and being more optimistic about the future. All you have to do is start now and believe in yourself more.

So the upcoming semester will be my third semester at university. Without Allah's help and family's pray I am sure I cannot survive in this field. Seriously. And, I thought deeply about myself. Adulting. <--- It is so hard. But I'll not give up. May I be more dependent...

My 3 Resolutions For This New Upcoming Semester.

1) Eat healthier. 
I want to avoid eating Maggi and Ramyun. And definitely, to make to sure I eat before going to class. 
2) Study More + Reward Myself + Mutabaah Amal
3) Commit to Exercising