Saturday, 2 September 2017

To. Myself in the 20s

Credit : Jaykeeout
What do you want to tell yourself in the 20s?. By the way check it out Jaykeeout's video. His video were awesome and have a lot of benefit to it. I love how he (and his co-workers) interviewing people with good attitudes and at the same time make me thinking what is people thoughts about everything.Especially in Korea. His aim's to spread good vibes. How wonderful is it!

Spread good vibes.
So here i am.
To. Myself in 20s
Dear me in 20s, hello. I am you and currently 18 years old. Lucky me to be you. So i want to tell you when you're in 20s, please be brave. I meant it. Please. I know you're introvert but why not to fly out from your comfort zone?. I know you can. Cause you're joinned debate. Girl, you rock!. Look, you can do it. 

I know you really want to study abroad. 
even though now you're in private university please don't let go of your dream. Wait a little bit more. Even though there's people laughs at your dream, didn't even believed it but please. Don't ever ever ever give up!. Just a little bit more. There's a lot things you want to do in your teens and 20s. Do it or never. I hope one day you have power or tools to donate to our religion. Smile and spread good vibes. Peace.

So what do you want to tell to yourself in 20s?. Comment down below.

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