Sunday, 12 November 2017

30 Day song challenge - A song from Your Preteen Years

Gathered here with my family My neighbours and my friends Standing firm together Against oppression holding hands It doesn't matter where you're from Or if you're young, old, woman or man We're here for the same reason We want to take back our land Chorus: O God, thank You For giving us the strength to hold on And now we're here together Calling You for freedom, freedom We know You can hear our call, oh We're calling for freedom, fighting for freedom We know You won't let us fall, oh We know You're here with us No more being prisoners in our homes No more being afraid to talk Our dream is just to be free, just to be free Now when we've taken our first step Towards a life of complete freedom We can see our dream getting closer and closer We're almost there CHORUS I can feel the pride in the air And it makes me strong to see everyone Standing together holding hands in unity Shouting out loud demanding their right for freedom This is it, and we're not backing off! O God we know You hear our call CHORUS

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