Tuesday, 21 November 2017

30 day song Challenge - A Song You Like With A Person's Name in The Tittle

Oh, you came into this life Brought up as an orphan child Through a time of deep despair, O Muhammad! Your days at work began As a fair and honest man You showed just how much you cared And one night in that cave When the Archangel came And your life in this world Would never be the same Chorus: Rasool’Allah habib’Allah (O Messenger of Allah, O beloved of Allah) Your light is always showing me the way Rasool’Allah habib’Allah I’m longing for the day I see your face You brighten up my day And in my heart you’ll stay With every breath I take I’ll never leave your way Eyes that could light up any soul You became the Chosen One To proclaim the word of God, O Muhammad! In the brightness of the sun Or the stillness of the night You would never ever stop Being kind, giving hope And serenity and love To a divided world That didn't have enough CHORUS Rasool’Allah habib’Allah (O Messenger of Allah, O beloved of Allah) Peace be upon you Rasool’Allah habib’Allah I really love you Rasool’Allah habib’Allah Peace be upon you Rasool’Allah habib’Allah CHORUS


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