Tuesday, 14 November 2017

30 Day Song Challenge - A Song You'd Love To Be Played At Your Weddding

We're here on this special day Our hearts are full of pleasure A day that brings the two of you Close together We're gathered here to celebrate A moment you'll always treasure Let's ask Allah to make your love Last forever Chorus: Let's raise our hands And make du'a Like the Prophet taught us And with one voice let's all say Baraka Allahu lakuma Wa baraka 'alaykuma Wa jama'a baynakuma Fi khayr (May Allah bless everything for you two And shower His blessings upon the two of you And may he bring you together In everything that is good) From now you'll share all your joys Through hardship support each other Together worshipping Allah Seeking His pleasure We pray that He will fill your life With happiness and blessings And grant you kids who'll make your home Filled with laughter Chorus Allah barik lahuma Allah adim hobbahuma Allah salli wa sallim 'Ala Rasooli Allah (Allah, bless everything the two of them Allah, make their love last for ever Allah, send peace and blessings Upon the Messenger of Allah) Allah toub 'alayna Allah irdha 'anna Allah ihdi khutana 'Aala sunnat Nabina (Allah, accept our repentance Allah, be pleased with us Allah, guide our footsteps Along the path of our Prophet) Chorus


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