Monday, 27 August 2018


  1. I'm someone who can get startled easily when I'm not focusing on something.
  2. Looking at Instagram feeds too much make me wanted to vomit. (I don't know why)
  3. I like books so much. I think I'm bibliophilia.
  4. I like Nasi Lemak and can eat it for the whole week. Seriously.
  5. I kinda like my panda-eyes. But for my professionalism, I need to cover it with spectacle or foundation. But trust me, I don't care about it and confidently show my bare skin when I'm going out.
  6. I'm short, cutie pie and everyone seems to like to put their arms on my head. 
  7. My favorite color is red. More like I'm obsessed with it.
  8. I'm so happy when they give me stationary. 
  9. Carrot Juice is my choice.
  10. The library is the place when I want to be alone and appreciate me-time.
  11. I'm someone who can stay in the bookstore for a whole day. 
  12. I hate windowed-shopping.
  13. My favorite day is Sunday
  14. I didn't wear a spectacle when I'm at home but wear it when I'm going out.
  15. Don't ever asked me to go outing at the shopping mall if there are no things that you wanted to buy. (Please refer no.12)
  16. My Favourite Surah in Al-Quran is Surah Ya-Seen.
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