Wednesday, 8 August 2018


This is a personal post. To those who are anti with Korean thingy please don't read as this post will make you uncomfortable. Thank you.

So here it is! From the first episode of Produce 48, I got addicted to stan Woollim's trainee. Just because they're Infinite's, Lovelyz's and Golden Child's sister. Time by time there are so many Korean and Japanese trainee that captivating me with their talents. Such as Miyu Takeuchi from AKB48, Han Chowon from Cube, Yabuki Nako from HKT48 and a lot more. From the first episode, there is a lot of hardship that they're going through. But hard work pays off. 

And the eight's episode of Produce 48 makes me wondering to stop watching this reality show or not. If you ask me why it's because of the current ranking is so unpredictable. How can the talented one got eliminated and the visuals pop out to be at the top?. How crazy is that! But what can I do? I'll just cheer them in my hearts to not give up and do their best that they can...(I'm also cheering myself to not to give up on my life matters) So here it is. My top 12 produce 48 rankings. 

My Produce 48 Top Ranker ---> CLICK HERE

Kwon Eunbi
Lee Gaun
Takeuchi Miyu
Lee Chaeyon
Ahn Yujin
Jang Gyuri
Yabuki Nako
Kim Chaewon
Choi Yena
Park Haeyoon
Han Chowon
Takahashi Juri

Matsui Jurina  (dismissed from the show)

Thank you for reading my Korean thingy post.