Wednesday, 26 September 2018

About Mrs.Han

She is a PhD doctor in the brain department I think.
And a part-timer lecture
She speaks English all the time
Even though she's Pakistani
She is open-minded
And I like her
She taught us English
Reading and writing
Her class is special
We are not doing past year question
But we heard a song and jot down the words that we didn't know
We are not reading a passage to make a summary
But watching unlimited genre of movies
A fun day
I hope there are a lot more upcoming activities.
Thank you, Mrs Han


Asyiqin Roslee said...

Enjoy nya kelas diaaa =D

ejulz said...

terbaek.. bestnya ada phD

Nurul Najihah said...

Betul...enjoy sangat!

Nurul Najihah said...

Kan...Najihah pun teringin nak belajar lebih sampai PhD