Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I Learn How To Actually Pronoun "Lingerie". It's Not "Lin-je-ri". It is "Laun-je-rii".

So today is Wednesday. Yesterday (Monday) I had a good time with my big family. But unfortunately, Ayah Lang and Mak Lang cannot come. It will be more fun if they are coming and spend their time with us. When it comes to holiday, it will be my best time ever. I can eat whenever and wherever I am. Home is the best place for me. 

On this beautiful day, I went to class with low motivation. I have checked on myself. I don't have a fever nor my nose blocked. But I do feel very tired of the god sake!. Time by time I realize there are many red spots in my arms and body. I asked my Ibu, does I have already got chicken pox in my childhood time. She said yes. Well then.

But amazingly! I got chicken pox. Yes, in my 'old' age, that is so rare to see a 19-year-old girl get chicken pox. Wow. Should I get in the Genius Book Of Record? Just kidding.

And in the English class, we just chilling and talking with the lecturer. It was fun! And I learned,

I learn how to actually pronoun "Lingerie". It's Not "Lin-je-ri". It is "Laun-je-rii".

Salmon is not sell-mon. It's sell men. 

Tortoise is tor-tos.

Almond is not l-mond. It's Amond. 

Also, I learned new vocab. It is atrocious and serviette.

I know my English writing is a bit off. But slowly I will improve. Fighting!


  1. I think you're learning more on british accent instead of pronounciation.. XD

  2. hehehe cutelah. i used to pronounce tortoise as totois when i was a child. its okay darling ur are going to improve. dont stop trying =)