Sunday, 30 September 2018

She Is Not A Girl

There is a girl
Who reminiscing her old memories
Oh my she's not that old
Just sweet sixty 
She can't cook
She can't tidy up her own room
How she lived her sixty years like that
Where is her boyfriend?
I mean her husband
What is wrong with their life?
Why can't she do anything 
Like a little girl
But is there a little girl who has white hair?
Wrinkle in their faces.
I mean like, that is a basic to live in this world
I asked her as I can't think more
She answered
She never takes her mothers advice seriously
when she needs to cook
She has a lot of reasons
doing her homework
But actually
watching Netflix all the time
Now I know
why my mothers always nagging to me
help me
I don't want to be like this grandmother
where do I start?

This Little Light Of Mine
Nurul Najihah

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