Thursday, 20 September 2018

What Happened Yesterday, Najihah?

 I always forgot to go to the clinic because I do think I have chicken pox. Well, nevermind. 

I went to the Library with Tasha, because I didn't eat breakfast I can't concentrate on my studies. And that is my favourite spot when I'm studying. Not too hot and too cold.

Here there are Tangga Kejayaan with 222 stairs. My legs numb. My mind blank. Wow, it such a tiring day. In that picture is my friend, Ain. 

Let it go~ let it go~ I can see the light now! Najihah! Just a little bit more! You can do it, girl!


But guys. I have 1 more class at 2:00 p.m. Again, we need to get through Tangga Kejayaan. Then we saw a booth about PEMBINA. We went there and registered our names to join hiking. To those who are joining any program that they made will get one coupon.

We can get an ice cream using this coupon. But it is not my rezeki because I'm fasting on that day. Then we gave it to our friends who are on the way to class. Its okay, ill-treat me a Magnum one day.

Then we went back home using a Rapid bus. Only RM0.40 for those who are using student card. 

Because Tasha and me fasting that day and open at home, we were late to Tajwid Class. After pray Isya' we have a college meeting at the same place. 

But, we're not finished at 11.00p.m after all. 

Our work is not done yet. We need to print our Computer notes for tomorrows subject. RIP rest. 

 Najihah the banker is here! OOTD with new corporate clothes.
Thank you for reading this entry!


Cuya said...

hope you having a very nice day ;D

ejulz said...

semoga dipermudahkan urusan dan cemerlang dalam akademik..

Nurul Najihah said...

Thank you!

Nurul Najihah said...

Terima kasih banyak-banyak