Monday, 1 October 2018

I Called Her D.I.Y

I called her D.I.Y
Don't know why
I just appreciate her for being my friend
Yes, I hope we will meet again in Jannah

I called her D.I.Y
Day by day
I hope you will always be happy
You know how much I 'hate' you

I called her D.I.Y
Did I ever hurt you, dear my friend?
I'm sorry
Yet, I'm not perfect nor an angel

I called her D.I.Y
Dear "do it yourself"
I know you will have many friends and maybe meet a spouse but
Yang Maha Kuasa is the only one who always with you.

I called her D.I.Y
Always D.I.Y
Thank you D.I.Y

1 comment:

  1. gitar ejulz berhabuk kat rumah. x pandai main gitar. hehe