Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Let's do some reflection.

So today I have 2 test that is the listening English test and  CTU Pemikiran Tamadun Islam test. For the past few days, maybe I studied hard or maybe not. Because I don't feel like I'm working hard as I always do. But it's okay. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

As writing is therapeutical for me, I wanted to share with you guys how much my worries fed away when doing this two test today. I asked Allah for His blessing and give me peace in everything I do today. So, the stories begin when I only got 12/20 marks for the listening test. I get my hopes high as I can get a full mark or only got 2/3 wrongs. (cause duh! I'm practising hard listening to all kinds of listening videos...) But damn! it's 8 wrong marks. I do get down for a couple minute but Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. It just fed away. But it doesn't long last as I messaged my parents on WhatsApp. #comlaining

"Listening Test Dapat 12/20 je"

and my mom replied.


and that time, the puberty hit me. (Lol) Why I'm not being grateful for the marks that have given from Allah. Why just you can't be thankful what you got. Is the word of Alhamdulillah is too hard to say? It just a test. Yes, it is only a test. It's not the matter of life or death. The emotion that you felt is just a temporary. It's okay. Ler's work hard. 

And move on to the second test. I'm confused by the question. When the test is over, I checked it and as expected, I answer it wrong. But fortunately like the previous test. I only down for a couple of minutes and move on. 

You know, that's feeling of giving up but you can't just feel it deeply. You're not angry. You're not protesting but desperately learning to accept more. Or we can call it "redha"


  1. betul tu... ekin pun kadang2 dapat result tak memuaskan.. selalu rasa down.. tapi sebenarnya kita kena redha dengan apa yang kita dapat kan?.. mungkin ada hikmah lain or hadiah lain yang Dia nak bagi dekat kita dengan sesuatu yang kita sendiri tak sangka :D

  2. It's better than nothing Najihah, at least penat lelah study untuk test-test tu kira berbaloi, sebab awak dah berusaha, bukan goyang kaki je kan? Rasa down sekejap je bare with it.

    Mijablur - Malaysian Lifestyle Blogger

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