Monday, 26 November 2018

So, I joined Aida Azlin.

In the past few days, I have a mental breakdown. I feel like I'm in the middle of black clouds. I get too sensitive easily and mostly I want to have my time alone.  

and boom! I found her and AA's youtube video. I watched her videos. Most of her videos make me wanted to get a new perspective on life in a better way. As she said that it's just only her 1% self and we didn't know her personally but that 1% help me a lot. 

Why I like her videos is because the content is so so so so so informative. I love it so much! The vlog is not only fun but every time she's reflecting something. It hit me. Like. Seriously. 

So yeah. I joined Aida Azlin. 


  1. Me too. A friend of mine always send me her videos when i'm in need of motivation and all. It feels like you're breathing a new air after watching all her videos.

  2. Nice najihah. Kita pon ske tgk vlog aida azlin. Sometimes kita rasa down mmg kita akn pegi tgk video beliau.

  3. I hope the best for you. Jangan murung-murung yee

    Mijablur - Malaysian Lifestyle Blogger

  4. tak pernah lagi tengok video dia but yeah anything that motivates you then its good!